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Meet Our Speakers: Excellence Meet- Carbon3D Chapter

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Excel3D presents Excellence Meet = Carbon3D chapter.

Explore the realms of digital manufacturing with Carbon3D

Industry stalwarts together on a single platform to discuss and share insights on how cutting-edge technology is enabling designers and engineers with faster design iterations to reduce the time-to-market.

Highlights: - Insightful session by leaders from the medical, dental, and Additive Manufacturing industries. - Live demonstration of the Carbon L1 3D printer in action. - Awareness of real-world, award-winning products made using Carbon. - The span of Excel3D’s turn-key engineering solutions to develop products for real-world applications.


Gary Miller: Head of European partner and Market Development, Carbon - is a renowned name in the 3D printing industry, Gary has been at the helm of digital manufacturing for a long time now and is recognized for his role in introducing additive manufacturing to production.

Miguel Fernandez-Vicente: Product Development Lead, National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM) Design for AM team- With an experience of over eight years in additive manufacturing, Miguel is committed to helping companies in the UK to identify and develop applications for customers in the industries such as aerospace and automotive.

At the Excellence Meet, he will share insights on how the MTC leveraged its expertise and Carbon's solution to develop a customized handle for Emma Wiggs and the British canoeing team that helped her win a gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympic games.

Hoda Amel: Technology Manager, Additive Manufacturing, MTC, UK.- is developing and delivering the technology strategy and strategic partnership plans in the Additive Manufacturing field.

Ashley Byrne: Founder, Bryne Dental Labs- a pioneer in modern dental technologies with a specialization in customised dentures.

Dr. Rakesh Roshan: CEO, Founder, Oxsight Ltd., UK- Recognised the need for a product to help people suffering from central vision loss; ideated on the ONYX -world’s first VR device embedded with AI, for those who battle macular degeneration.

Utkarsha Ankhalhope: CTO, Founder, Excel3D UK. Expert in small batch production and toolless manufacturing of end-use parts; created a roadmap for the series production of the world’s first VR device for the visually impaired as the manufacturing partner for Oxsight ONYX.

Penny Robb: Innovation Centre Manager, University of Warwick Science Park Ltd. UK.

An opportunity to explore and learn from the best!

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First 10 registrations to win a chance to witness it LIVE!

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