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Founded in the UK in 2016, Excel3D is a platform that focuses on the research and adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies in different industries, globally. With operations starting in India in April 2019, Excel3D is broadening the scope for next-gen manufacturing with years of expertise, and skills developed around it.


As a team of core industry professionals and chartered engineers with extensive experience, our founders went through a series of challenges in their journey to implement advanced technologies in end-use applications. This experience led to the foundation of a platform to empower the existing and upcoming enthusiasts with the necessary knowledge and skillsets, enabling them to develop products for better social, industrial, and environmental wellbeing.

At Excel3D, we focus on helping industry and academia adopt additive manufacturing solutions in the most efficient way through consultation, training, new product development, and introducing our next-generation AM technologies and products to the market.



The lack of awareness about advanced manufacturing has led to a gap between ideas and efficient products. As a firm driven by innovation, we aim at bridging the industry gap between innovation and productivity.

Excel3D is committed to transfer and accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies for a wide range of applications serving environmental, engineering, and social needs. Our focus areas also include developing innovative products and upskilling the current and future workforce to support growth for advanced technologies.


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Image by Ian Schneider
Image by Brett Jordan




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