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nTop Live: Compact Two-Domain Heat Exchanger with Gyroid and Diamond TPMS Lattices

The design of compact and efficient Heat Exchangers (HEX) using TPMS and gyroid lattice structures is one of the most prominent engineering applications of Additive Manufacturing today.

In this nTop Live, Maiki Vlahinos, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, goes through one of his latest heat exchanger designs with two fluid domains. He describes how he incorporated Ansys Discovery Live in his design process and presents the results of a characterization study that explored which parameters of a TPMS lattice have the highest impact on pressure drop and flow.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Select the TPMS or gyroid lattice parameters that meet your engineering requirements

  • Drive design changes based on real-time simulation with Ansys Discovery Live

  • Create your own design process for rapid and robust experimentation & design exploration

Watch the full video below -

nTopology - Heat Exchanger Design

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